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"I'm Iowan and Californian, Goddess and frump, poet and accountant, caregiver and nutcase. My Muse goes on vacation more often than George Bush, but I keep writing just in case I come up with something on my own. One thing is certain: I'm incredibly lucky."

Wondering just now
will this day ever end?
I haven't seen a new morning
since maybe a week ago

but wasn't it dark for a while?
and light again, at least twice?
I can't tell anymore
if it's a day or a week that passes

the problem with life
nobody tells you how long a sentence you'll serve
or if there's parole
there are meals and chores
none of it changes

I dance in my dreams
and fly
but I can't remember when
I slept last

the warden wears my face
she hasn't slept, either.

January 8, 2006

Published June 2006


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