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The Good Bad Daughter

"I'm Iowan and Californian, Goddess and frump, poet and accountant, caregiver and nutcase. My Muse goes on vacation more often than George Bush, but I keep writing just in case I come up with something on my own. One thing is certain: I'm incredibly lucky."

If I let myself down any further
I'll have to dig my own grave
I've been doing that anyway
day after dismal day
getting up when I can't get up
helping when I'm helpless
smiling to fool the devils
of pain and fear

I bet I'll smile when I die
but I'll really mean it then.

Please don't let there be
any little bells in heaven
no shiny tiny ceramic bells
that ailing mothers shake
to call their smiling daughters
to the bedside
to the chairside
to the toiletside

Published December 2005


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