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Wings of O'Ryan

Daria is currently working on her doctorate in theology and has not previously shown public evidence of a poetic bent. She has, however, been managing editor of the theological journal Antiphon, had an article published in Chicago Studies, and contributes regularly to Connect, a weekly homiletic publication.

A fat man am I, a large man, a man
of unusual and ponderous weight.
There is nothing small about me at all;
I walk with a thunderous gait.
How weighed down I am, how large a fat man,
how heavy a burden my fate!

But – ah! I have dreams, where with lightsome demean
I bound from the clutches of earth ...
I spring like a stag, a gazelle above gravity's
jealous command of my girth.
And then I am light! I float and I fly
and I soar like a bird on the breast of the sky,
and my soul which was made to fly high is all free ...
and I magnify God for the largeness of me.

Published June 2006


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