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The Cure

Scott C. Kaestner is a poet/spoken word artist who resides in West Hollywood, California. His poems have been published in Poesy, The Blind Man's Rainbow, New Verse News, Mastodon Dentist, Prism Review, Alpha Beat Soup, Spring Board Journal, Confused in a Deeper Way, Poetic Diversity, the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, Struggle and various anthologies along the way. He is the author of two chapbooks, "The Great Charade" and "Angeleno A Go Go," and has appeared on the spoken-word television pilot "Lyrically Speaking."

some people pop a prozac
or perhaps go to therapy
instead – i write

poetry to soothe the soul
          poetry to ease the mind
                   poetry to release the pain
                            poetry to bury the past

in tombs of eternal existence
where there is no death
when words are breath
and to breathe
is to be
forever ...
                   a poem

Published October 2006


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