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Sambo Samba

A native of Seattle, Tomás is a civil rights attorney, social activist, world traveler, teacher and lecturer. "Yazoo City Blues" is Tomás' most recent volume of prose and poetry. Others include "Time of the Poet," "Dark Symphony in Duet" with the late Sarah Fabio, and "Two Races, One Face," with John Peterson. His words appear in various publications and literary journals including the Seattle Times, The Seattle Review, Sheila Na Gig, Vision Magazine, The Poetry Conspiracy, The Publication, Urban Walls, Collectively Creatin,' the National Catholic Reporter, Magee Park Poets 2003, San Diego Arts & Poets Magazine. He has performed with jazz greats Charles McPherson, cousin Clark Gayton and Daniel Jackson. He has taught verse writing at the San Diego Writing Center and the Girl's Rehabilitation Facility in San Diego. He began the Poetry Workshop in La Jolla at D.G. Wills bookstore and co-founded San Diego Poets' Press. Visit his Web site to learn more about him.


We can be good niggahs
Aka House niggahs
Aka Uncle Tom


We can be bad niggahs
Aka Angry niggahs
Aka Malcom X

The man loves Martin's
nonviolent I have a dream

As he fills the military/prison
industrial machine
we are nameless
niggahs with numbers


We be good or we be bad?

Published November 2005


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