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In the Consuming Universe

David Fraser lives in Nanoose Bay on Vancouver Island. He is the founder and editor of Ascent Magazine, Aspirations for Artists, published since 1997. His poetry and short fiction have appeared in 28 journals, including Three Candles, Regina Weese, Ardent and Ygdrasil. He has recently published a collection of his poetry, "Going to the Well," and another of his short fiction, "The Dark Side of the Billboard." David is currently the BC Federation of Writers Regional Director for The Islands Region.

In the consuming universe
sombre hooded juncos
feed and stoke their furnaces,
stars eat up themselves,
humans rip and rape,
feed on flesh
discretely excreting
compost's voracious loop.
Each entity from star to
microbe caught,
its vibrating hum
a burning fire
coveting its fuel.

Published September 2005; originally published in Poemata June-September 2005 issue


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