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Dancing Lessons

"I'm a Marketing Communications Manager for a tiny division of a gigantic company, and man, going into an office every day can be excruciating. I should've stayed on Northfield Avenue instead where I belong and learned to fix cars like my Daddy did."

She danced with a young guy,
she told me, proud of herself,
danced with her 32-year old Mexican guide
on the tour through Cancun
and the Chichén Itzá Mayan ruins,
she danced with him, with another guy!
He said she danced really well.
Of course she danced really well,
she's beautiful, and he's a guy.
Some of the other men there
liked her moves too! Surprise!
So smooth and rhythmic, flowing
like honey to the Mariachi Band beat.
I'm sure glad all those dancing lessons
we've been taking over the past
few years are finally paying off.

Published August 2007


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