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.i like what you see.

Miss Erika Davies is familiar to San Diego music fans for her devotion to the old-timey ballad and her frequent performances at Lestat's West. Visit her MySpace page to learn more.

extra ordinary
this is no farce

hindsight through swaying drapery

oh, i've had a taste of this doubtful discourse
i take it
break and transform its tedious elated lies

it might just pour out from my accidental snips
occasional rude outbursts

i am quite as you see

i am
quite what you say

sprinkling my toast round town, quietly

honing in on my lost soul bits

they escape me each night on their mission

though, each day they return to me
more learn-ed

somehow, skillfully replaced
i am amazed
give my utmost to please the others

remarkably, you've all created who i am

thats what is inside of me

Published May 2007


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