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~All the love, in the world~

Miss Erika Davies is familiar to San Diego music fans for her devotion to the old-timey ballad and her frequent performances at Lestat's West. Visit her MySpace page to learn more.

i know what it's like to be loved

beyond measure
beyond rhyme

i had a love like that once ...

i know what that's like

decided to go
wasn't right for me

got smacked in the face
heart did time

i've sat and sometimes wondered
what have i put myself through?

moving on
breathing strong
i am alive

loving again
while i reach out for more

craving the eyes of each heart
each body and soul
each mind as a whole

all the pressure could tear me apart

my mind will not rest and
my body can't stop

until i finish my journey
however far

i'll orbit
the sky

pulling tears from your eyes

and filling with love,

your heart

Published December 2007


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