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Jessica Cortez is a graduate of Point Loma Nazarene University. Her short story, "Among Admirers, Among Strangers," was published in the Summer 2004 issue of Turbula, and her poetry was previously featured in the Autumn 2004 issue.

I am the source of your quizzical looks.
I am a contradiction, the only constant

of our late-night philosophical discussions.
In a Mexican caf´┐Ż we topple over musings
of art and music; where is Picasso the dog
pissing now? What wall has he meandered to?

Would you tear down the Aztec eye,
the distorted sun?
Would you step around the orange moon,
plastered on this mosaic?

Only you would let urine rain on our ruins,
our bohemian landscape.

You are the source of my quizzical looks.
You are a contradiction, my slender constant.

Published July 2005


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