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Peggy Claire is half cowboy and half Southern Belle. She was born in New Mexico and raised in New Orleans. She has made her final home as far South and West as she could get (and still be in the United States) in San Diego. With the exception of a few years spent as a singer/songwriter, her penchant for writing poetry has been a private matter. Until now.

You asked if Diana
was the Goddess of love
(It must have been me
you were thinking of)
She is the Huntress
Twin to you, Warrior
yet opposite
In female form she succors, protects
children and animals
from Lion to lamb
(all creatures at the mercy of man)
Twin to you, Mercury
She beds alone
that others may live and procreate
in her stead
So, if I was more than mortal
and allied myself with the mighty
My alter-ego would look like Diana
but I would be Aphrodite.


Published May 2005


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