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A Confession

Peggy Claire is half cowboy and half Southern Belle. She was born in New Mexico and raised in New Orleans. She has made her final home as far South and West as she could get (and still be in the United States) in San Diego. With the exception of a few years spent as a singer/songwriter, her penchant for writing poetry has been a private matter. Until now.

The buds didn't bloom
They dropped their heads
and gave up the fight
My gardener said it was shock
from too much sunlight

I hoped that you'd not see
before the plant regained its powers
I loved it and willed it to flourish
into a wealth of flowers

So, we will know soon
if what was planted
will take root or die
I have you, love, in either case
For in a silver jewel box
is a tiny, precious rose.

— 1987

Published March 2006


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