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Believe Me

Peggy Claire is half cowboy and half Southern Belle. She was born in New Mexico and raised in New Orleans. She has made her final home as far South and West as she could get (and still be in the United States) in San Diego. With the exception of a few years spent as a singer/songwriter, her penchant for writing poetry has been a private matter. Until now.

When the idea of love
Was raised (you brought it up)
We were rational and super-cool
But it was ordained
Within twelve hours
I was acting the utter fool
And the deed was well as done

Believe me:
I have never surrendered so quickly
or completely
It was as if a power greater
Than yours or mine arranged it
We threw caution to the wind
I tried to reshape destiny
with my hands, my lips, my heart –
with my womb.

I'd have made you reborn whole
If I could,
I would have

— 1987

Published March 2006


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