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Advice to Rebecca Bruns

Peggy Claire is half cowboy and half Southern Belle. She was born in New Mexico and raised in New Orleans. She has made her final home as far South and West as she could get (and still be in the United States) in San Diego. With the exception of a few years spent as a singer/songwriter, her penchant for writing poetry has been a private matter. Until now.

Write it all down, lady
You'll have something to show when you die
Tell all the stories
of men that you've hated –
and loved
Tell the truth, tell us stories.

Take out your pen and paper
Come up with something that rhymes
Clear out the air
Speak of love true and fair
speak of loss
speak of joy
speak of good times

Write it all down, lady
It's better to write than to cry
Make a hard copy
and then – in the end
you'll have something to show when you die.


Published May 2005


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