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The Teacher's Stuck on the Freeway

Don Kingfisher Campbell is founder of POETRYpeople youth writing workshops, publisher of the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, leader of the Emerging Urban Poets writing and Wednesday Afternoon Critique workshops, and host of Monday Night Poetry in Pasadena. His first book of poetry, "Enter," was published by iUniverse Press.

The TV's off on the counter,
a great mirror for a girl with wet hair.

A white cord leads to a male student's ear.
Is he hard of hearing? No, just an iPod aficionado.

For a little lady sitting in a back corner of the room,
time to spend twenty minutes on makeup.

Another one wolfs down her lunch sandwich.
Why not? Nothing else to do. Chips follow.

A few pick up a book to block out conversations.
A fellow gets some history homework written too.

Many other subjects going on in this English class:
mathematics, economics, college admissions form. Surprised?

Suddenly, a young man seems to be rapidly changing color!
It's merely a case of a taste from a bottle of hot chili sauce.

Did I forget to mention these are second semester seniors?
Goes to show the world, as usual, is in a variety of hands.

Published September 2006


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