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Something Sexy

Don Kingfisher Campbell is founder of POETRYpeople youth writing workshops, publisher of the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, leader of the Emerging Urban Poets writing and Wednesday Afternoon Critique workshops, and host of Monday Night Poetry in Pasadena. His first book of poetry, "Enter," was published by iUniverse Press.

in the library
backroom on
a fiberboard
folding table sits
a styrofoam drink cup
a twenty ouncer
with a stamped image
of a blue sun
overlooking light
blue mountains
which lead to a
wavy blue ocean
with a white
seagull flying
over water and
toward the top
in red marker
are the initials
DC and around
the lip is a
clear plastic
cover that has
a straw hole
and a red striped
white straw
stuck into it and
on the peak
of that straw
is pink lipstick
mottled about
the outside of
the plastic and
the inside too

Published September 2006


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