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Don Kingfisher Campbell is founder of POETRYpeople youth writing workshops, publisher of the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, leader of the Emerging Urban Poets writing and Wednesday Afternoon Critique workshops, and host of Monday Night Poetry in Pasadena. His first book of poetry, "Enter," was published by iUniverse Press.

The sure sign was this:
I said we only have ten minutes

so I put my elbows on the table
felt the slight tilt of the surface

brought on by the weight
of other poets hunkering down

to write their own poems
based on a first line of a page

chosen spontaneously from a book
selected without looking at the title

and time scribbled quietly on
with the whirr of a ceiling fan

the circulated air felt good
flowing over my arm hairs

my stomach sat comfortably full
I had no desire to go to another room

the poem I wrote continued
as a car parked outside

then the sound of indiscriminate voices until
I only had a humming refrigerator to talk about

Published May 2006


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