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"I've returned to writing poetry after having published fairly extensively on contemporary poetics and the philosophy of language and of intentionality. My recent poetry will be appearing in upcoming issues of Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry and These!."

Tuliptree leaves drop
once misidentified as gingko
shapes honed on light
grasping the senses that approach
but don't enter

The bark is ready
to slough off
a downed white oak
heartwood hollowed out
the cambium exposed

Brown detritus from the willow oak
leavings of the hornbeam
blown into ragged piles

What is mortal is real
what is real is mortal
the scandal – if any – doesn't lie
in the condition
but rather in the observation
in the observer

Not in the peacock's tail
arising from an oil slick
on the cobblestone

Published August 2006


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