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Another summer come on

Charlene is a prolific writer, having had not only her poetry previously published, but theater reviews and columns as well (many here in Turbula). She's contributed to everyone from Investor's Business Daily to the La Jolla Village News. She was also a contributor to "Chicken Soup for the Volunteer's Soul."

Another summer come on like
I cannot believe I'm still here
in paradise soon outdoors to sit
how long I've loved this place this
park these plants this plot of land
midcity I've grown to love over
years as some people still here
a little slower still yes slower
but no less alive seeing others
so beautiful so blind about being
used so seldom aware how
unaware how gifted how ready
to give more my utmost even now
should you walk through the
door and say woman I am yours
this time no matter how slow you
walk no matter how crippled I
would run after you overtake
you this time and time would
cease for you know me know
how to love me know how to
use me and you would use
me up until december comes
its ice no colder than I now
alone so long so long without
this kind of love to thaw
my knees to make the rivers
run the amaryllis bloom the
birds to sing the birds
to sing

Published June 2006


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