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Reviewed October 2006

Early American: The Melodies of Stephen Foster
Early American: The Melodies of Stephen Foster
By The Andy Biskin Quartet

Strudelmedia: 2006

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In less innovative hands, the tunes here could have come off as sounding quite sappy. These are the familiar melodies of Stephen Foster (1826-64): "I Dream of Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair", "Beautiful Dreamer," "Old Folks at Home," "Camptown Races." Almost any American of a certain age has sung these songs; they were, for a time, part of the school curriculum, and I suspect that many a schoolroom wall and window were rattled by exuberant, ragtag 35-voice choirs belting out "Oh! Susanna."

Credit Andy Biskin and his quartet for freshening up these songs with a mix of loving reverence and modern-leaning verve. Biskin is a New York-based clarinetist, and his ensemble includes Chris Washburne on tuba and trombone, Pete McCann on banjo and guitar, along with John Hollenbeck on drums and percussion. The banjo/tuba/clarinet combination suggests an old-timey feel, and there is much of that on the set, but Biskin and company also stretch Foster's melodies a bit, showing off some fresh angles to the tunes; and McCann brings in his electric guitar to wail at times, in a way that Mr. Foster might never have imagined.

Mixed in the familiar sounds are six Andy Biskin originals that complement Foster's approach, pulling it toward the twenty-first century. On his "Thin King Thinking" the clarinet trills the blues in front of a tuba oompa before the melody disassembles with twangs and clatters, sounding like a tipsy house band in a nineteenth century cat house; and on "Kid Proof," the group takes the music into a romp, each member sharing the moments of sound-making – a clarinet toodle, a guitar twang, a tuba huff, the drums going clatter and tink.

The Andy Biskin Quartet shines a fresh light on the sound of Stephen Foster.

Review by Dan McClenaghan. Dan is a writer living in Oceanside, Calif. Read his biography on his AllAboutJazz.com page.

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