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Good band, not enough songs

From the Summer 2004 issue.

By Skillet

Lava Records: 2004

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What do you get when you cross Incubus with Linkin Park? You get Skillet, so if you're a fan of either of the previous bands that I've mentioned, it's pretty safe to say you'd like this.

The first two songs are very well done and quite interesting; unfortunately, it's all downhill after that, especially with the far too-out-of-place ballad "A Little More." The album would have been much better if that sorry excuse for a radio ballad wasn't on there.

After this, the songs start bleeding together and start sounding very similar, like a band that is searching for a hit song.

It isn't until we get to the second-to-last track, "Energy," that we get to see what the band could be capable of. "Energy" is one of the few songs that shows some experimentation and it's too bad there aren't more songs with this type of vibe. The band itself sounds quite tight, with the exception of the vocals, which are lacking in dynamics from song to song. That's not to say that the band doesn't have potential to make an impact on the mainstream, they just need some more time to find their own identity.

Review by Gabriel Lopez. Gabriel is guitarist for Fractured Halo, and lives in Fallbrook, Calif.

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