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Trying too hard to be punk

From the Winter 2003 issue.

Surf Lake Erie
Surf Lake Erie
By Lazy American Workers

Sin Klub Entertainment: 2003

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That's all that you can say when you listen to this rather lackluster album. The band has 14 songs on the album, and about 12 of them are the exact same tempo with the same guitar riffs.

It's a good thing that the album, as well as the songs, are very short because if it were any longer I would've destroyed my stereo. However, the real lowlight of the album is the disgusting remake of Iron Maiden's classic song, "The Trooper." If you want to do a cover and make it your own, I'm all for that – but you also must do the original justice, which is what the Lazy American Workers fail to do. Want to speed the song up – fine. At least do it at a tempo that you can play the song at.

The one thing that the band has going for it are some very clever lyrics; it's just too bad that they're lost in the chaos of trying to sound like a punk band.

The band needs to practice, try to write an actual song, and create an album with some dynamics to it.

Review by Gabriel Lopez. Gabriel is guitarist for Fractured Halo, and lives in Fallbrook, Calif.

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