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From the Logs of Badge No. 54131. By John Whalen

John Barleycorn Must Die: Update

The world-famous and beloved Nob Hill pub, The John Barleycorn, will in fact close at it's current location, 1415 Larkin Street on Saturday, Oct. 27.

All efforts to secure a lease with the new owner of the building, including campaigns by both grass-roots San Franciscan and civic leaders, have met with unapologetic recalcitrance from the new owner of the property.

However, Larry Ayre, the longtime owner and head barkeep of this city's icon has vowed to find a new location in the same Nob Hill neighborhood that as been the "JB's" home for over thirty years.

Larry has assured me that not only will the name "John Barleycorn" not die – and certainly never it's spirit – it's bar, furnishings, memorabilia, et al, will be placed in museum-like storage while a new site is located. (Some of its patrons are already in museum-like storage).

So if you have never had a pint or a "good craic" at this great pub, please do so by October 27, otherwise you'll have to wait for the as-of-yet scheduled reopening.

I suspect the last two nights of operation, Friday, Oct. 26 and Saturday, Oct. 27, will be extremely busy so get your pint now and tell them Johnny sent ya.

Also, for those of you loyal Turbula reader's who would like a on site report of the JB's closing two days, please send your e-mails, cards and letters to the editor of this publication, Jim Trageser, and urge him to provide an "honorarium" to this writer in order to make that last pilgrimage. If you wish to donate to that fund, I feel certain Jim will accept. If he does not give a proper response to your e-mails, I will provide you with his home address later.

Published October 2007

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