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Current exhibit:

Abe Lincoln - by Michael Kulick
Michael Kulick

Previous exhibits and images:

September 2007:

Trying to touch the sky with my hands - by Ines De Leon
Ines De Leon

February 2007:

Mystic Morning Mosaic - by Anna Morris
Anna Morris

November 2006:

Two on One - by Patrick Holloran
Patrick Holloran

August 2006:

Kokopelli Goes for a Sail 2 - by Deirdre Moore
Deirdre Moore

May 2006:

East End, Inisbofin - by Deirdre Walsh
Deirdre Walsh

January 2006:

Cats - by Kim Wyatt
Kim Wyatt

September 2005:

bob + flake - by Kathy Crabbe
"Lefties" by Kathy Crabbe

June 2005:

Abstract - by Larissa Trageser
"Abstract" by Larissa Trageser

Winter 2004 issue:

Baby Food - by Christopher Trageser
"Baby Food" by Christopher Trageser

Autumn 2004 issue:

Dueling Pianos - by Patrick Holloran
"Dueling Pianos" by Patrick Holloran

Summer 2004 issue:

Dueling Pianos - by Patrick Holloran
"Ruby" by Lea Conant

Spring 2004 issue:

Waitress - by Charlene Baldridge
"Waitress" by Charlene Baldridge

Winter 2003 issue:

La Tour Eiffel - by Larissa Trageser
"La Tour Eiffel" by Larissa Trageser

Autumn 2003 issue:

Awaiting Connection at JFK - by Charlene Baldridge
"Awaiting Connection at JFK" by Charlene Baldridge

Summer 2003 issue:

Wotan - by Charlene Baldridge
"Wotan" by Charlene Baldridge

Spring 2003 issue:

Piano - by Kate Gressitt-Diaz
"Piano" by Kate Gressitt-Diaz

Winter 2002 issue:

Klezmer - by Kate Gressitt-Diaz
"Klezmer" by Kate Gressitt-Diaz

May 2009
Michael Kulick is, like the last artist exhibited here, Ines de Leon, a MySpace friend. He sent us an add friend request, and we realized that Turbula had sat semi-dormant for too long. New marriage, new children, new baby – these things have slowed us down a bit in the Turbula department. But Michael's powerful paintings and drawings got us motivated to start Turbula going again, and you'll see why as you browse his exhibit ...

September 2007
Ines De Leon is a Turbula MySpace friend. When we set up Turbula's MySpace page, one of the first people we met was Ines, an artist from Monterey, Mexico, whose bold paintings immediately grabbed our attention. We're hoping this is only the first of many exhibits from Ines on Turbula ...

February 2007
Anna Morris came to our attention via MySpace. Really. Not sure exactly how we ran across her, but we were immediately struck by the incredible imagery of her photography. Stunned to find out she'd never had an exhibit of any kind. Thrilled when she deigned to allow us to show her off her. It's our first photographic exhibit on Turbula, and we're pleased as punch (as they say in Anna's neck of the woods back in Michigan) to have her debut the photographic arts here ...

November 2006
Patrick Holloran has been with Turbula since day one; some of his surrealistic fiction appeared in our very first "edition." He's had a cover illustration since then, and we're pretty darn pleased to get to present a full exhibition of his surrealistic and impressionistic paintings. Look for a separate exhibition of his pen-and-ink drawings down the road ...

August 2006
Deirdre Moore found us last November and sent us some of her poetry. Then it turns out she's an artist as well ... leaves us at Turbula Nation wondering why the good Lord's gifts are so unevenly distributed ...

May 2006
We met Deirdre Walsh in County Mayo, Ireland, while visiting Eire in this spring. She's converting a centuries-old stone barn on her great-grandfather's farm into a new studio; we can only imagine what that level of inspiration will do to her already wonderfully evocative work!

January 2006
Kim Wyatt, a lifelong resident of San Diego's East County, e-mailed us when she saw Kathy Crabbe's online exhibit in these pages. Needless to say, we were smitten and begged for the chance to host Kim's work as well. She selected 15 of her paintings and drawings – you can visit her site from any of her drawings in our exhibit and explore even more.

September 2005
We met Kathy Crabbe at a poetry reading by the old crowd from THE BRIDGE Illustrated up in Fallbrook, avocado capital of California. (THE BRIDGE Illustrated was a quarterly literary journal that preceded and inspired Turbula.) Kathy brought some of her "Lefties," drawings she does with her left hand and accompanies with a poem. We were blown away, and set out to create a way of hosting art exhibits on Turbula just to have room for her. Whimsical, clever, fun – her Lefties are absolute gems. You really should visit Kathy's exhibit and then click on the link to her site so you can subscribe to future issues of Gadfly, her monthly collection of new Lefties!

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