Volume III, Issue III Autumn 2004

Dueling Pianos by Patrick Holloran
Dueling Pianos © Copyright 1984, 2004 by Patrick Holloran

Welcome to the Autumn 2004 edition of Turbula!

It dropped down to an Arctic-like 60 degrees last night here in San Diego, and as this is what passes for the changing of the seasons in paradise, it must be time for a new issue.

We're pretty proud of this new issue – what with new short fiction from Dan McClenaghan, another view from the mean streets of San Fran by John Whalen, a new passel of great poetry, an interview with reggae great Toots Hibbert and a ton of music reviews. (Be sure to come back soon, because we've got more new fiction coming out in early October, and book and theater reviews rolling in weekly.)

But whether you dig the new issue or not, there's one new element to Turbula you ought to like: Our brand-spanking-new Forums area. This is an area that belongs to you, the reader – where you can rebut, critidize or otherwise weigh in. We do ask you to register with a real e-mail – it is, unfortunately, the only way to keep the spamming weasels at bay. But you can hide your e-mail from others, so we do protect your privacy.


Jim Trageser

Jim Trageser

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