Volume II, Issue I Spring 2003


The Maiden's Sin


You told me we are goddesses inside
And I rejoiced in Heaven's laws until
My altar formed my deathbed from my pride
For Goddesses can't sin as mortals will.
For though that woman's face is not my own
In figure flaw'd lies too my tarnish'd soul
And while one man's mistake is his alone
The Maiden's Sin is bought with Woman's toll.
You tell me Jesus was a falt'ring man
While dying daily deaths for Mary's Sin
And with your first, your suicide began
For Worship is contempt's more humble twin.
Eve ate the apple; you, though, drank the wine
God made her weak, but you made her Divine.


Brenda is somewhat (on all three counts) tall, dark and mysterious, and despite all appearances, she IS pursuing a grad degree in mathematics at the University of British Columbia. Visit her weblog to learn more.

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